WatchFacts, DBA “The Doing” is a comprehensive technology and professional services firm that delivers tailor-made solutions across various domains. Our services span a wide range of capabilities, from crafting intricate AI applications and custom system configurations to integrating APIs and managing data, along with creating engaging websites and optimizing UX/UI experiences.

With a proven track record of excellence, we have collaborated with numerous Fortune 500 companies, including renowned giants like Amazon, eBay and. Walmart. Our ability to work with such industry leaders showcases our competence and dedication to delivering top-tier solutions for our clients.


AI and Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning Libraries and Frameworks – Data management and normalization
  • (Hyperparameter Data Optimization) – Model Interpretability, Tuning and Deployment
  • Computer Vision – Image recognition
  • Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Turn raw data into valuable business insights

Ecommerce Solutions

  • Developing and managing online shopping platforms for businesses
  • Omni channel platform for procurement
  • Custom product catalog and database configurations

Software Development

  • Design, building and maintaining custom software solutions
  • Custom API integrations
  • Technology vision and strategy

Web Development

  • Creating and maintaining  website  application
  • User experience and User Interface
  • Graphic Design


  • Strong track record of successfully working with some of the largest marketplaces in the world
  • We practice the Art of Why – Our continuous improvement process is based on experience reinforced by the “Art of Why” This includes  questioning everything we do and how we can  improve and be accountable for any shortcomings
  • Cost-Effectiveness and Competitive Pricing: We deliver high-quality IT solutions at competitive prices


  • including machine learning, generative AI, image recognition, and APIs to connect all modules enhancing the efficiency, security, and user experience for both sellers and buyers                      
  • Created a program and software specifically to verify the authenticity of products sold online, providing a higher level of trust and confidence for buyers and seller
  • Built an omnichannel e-commerce platform and delivered custom API configurations that empower businesses to connect efficiently with their  suppliers, manufacturers, and other partners
  • Designed and integrated custom software and APIs enabling third-party sellers to connect to various online commercial ecommerce platforms
  • Elevated cybersecurity through proactive IT strategies: adept in threat analysis, vulnerability assessments, risk management, and robust security implementation

The Doing

  •  14 NE 1st Ave, suite 1102 Miami, FL 33132
  •  Nawel Kiram (CEO)

  • 786.797.5705


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